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Welcome to 'Awoken Destruction' Version 3, reborn!!!

Since its establishment in 2001, there has been many changes happening with AD, from changing servers to shutting down, and going back to sleep, but finally we have reborn! Like to welcome you all to Version 3, proudly hosted at!

Don't take me! I'm adopted from Chibiland!

12 years ago, Awoken Destruction was first built from the dedication of a Sailor Saturn fan. 12 years later today, I hope to bring back out the wonderful characteristics of this special anime character, and hope for this site to live on forever ^^! Of course, this could not have happened without the help from Chibi Jennifer! Thanks Chibi!

Something to share with you all for the meantime! A super cute fan-comic produced by MoonSticks (featuring our beloved Hotaru of course! ^_^) Check it out!

-Cammy 18/01/13

Cute Sailor Saturn/Hotaru comic strip


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Sailor Saturn and other Sailormoon characters are 1992 Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha, TOEI Animation. This is a fansite owned and created by Cammy. This site started on the 12th July 2001, last updated on 5 April 2014.