About the Site

History of Awoken Destruction

Awoken Destruction (formally known as Cammy’s Sailor Saturn Site) was first built on the homestead server in year 2001. I started building the site for fun and since I’ve always liked Sailor Saturn, I wanted to own something about her. Homestead web builder was a ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ one so it was really simple to use. I was so excited about it and I started building the site without even making up a proper name for the site~ which was why the name was so ordinary. I used Cammy as my nickname around the net because she’s my favourite character in Street Fighters.

As my site grew bigger , I used to update it everyday, which was how I started developing a dedication to continue with my site. When homestead deleted my site as it was no longer for free, I decided to rebuild my site all over again. This was when I used the angelfire server, but I remembered how hard it was to get started with it, because it involved HTML (which sounded qute scary back then. I was about 14 years old who knew nothing webbuilding). It was like starting from scratch. After I got over that part, I tried hard to make my site stand out over the other Sailor Saturn sites out there.

Angelfire Server provided 50MB of Disk Space for awhile, unfortunately it went down to only 20MB- that was when I was forced to delete heaps of my files and images so I could fit them in. This was the reason why Awoken Destruction's large Multimedia Section was shut down- to save some space. It was a really hard decision for me, because the Multimedia Section was one of the best Sailorsaturn sources on the Internet. Since that section was down, I decided naming the site 'Awoken Destruction' was going to suit the 'silent' theme well: a site that "leads you to the world of silence"

Sometime in year 2005, Awoken Destruction was hosted on Secret-Star.net, which meant no more ads. I started changing the server and later started making new updates from there. Making no backups from there, in less than a year, the server was hacked into and the site was deleted. I no longer had the updated version and Awoken Destruction had remained alseep for more than a year. On 12th January, 2007~ Awoken Destruction was offered a chance from our sister site [ChibiLand] to reborn! proudly hosting AD on Windy-goddess.net!

Past Layouts

[Awoken Destruction V1.2]

The red theme! Used to use a drop down menu to navigate around the site.

[Version 2.0]- Inner Chaos

The Purple Theme! Navigation has changed from the drop down menu to Glaive

[Version 3.0]- Reborth (Current)

No longer has a splash page.