Awards AD has won

Awarded from: Anime Site Awards29/6/03
Winner of the 2002 Anime Site Awards for 'Best Sailormoon Site'

Awarded from: Celestial Moon Palace 27/4/03
Sacred Shrine Award- Awarded to: Awoken Destruction

Awarded from: Asteroid Senshi Headquaters 26/3/03
Award for Intellectual Virtue

Awarded from: Destiny Stone dot net 8/3/03
Awarded to: Awoken Destruction V2.0 Inner Chaos 8/10 Awesome Layout Award

Awarded from: Minako Love Dot Net
The Deafening Silence in tribute to Sailor Saturn-Awoken Destruction

Awarded from: Beauty of Love
I have received an award for a great site dedicated to Hotaru, the Princess of Death and Rebrith
Awarded from:
I have hearts in my eyes just thinking about your site
Awarded from:Sweet Fantasy
Sugoi! Site Award. To :Cammy's Sailor Saturn Site. From: Sweet Fanatasy
Awarded from:Second Chances
Wow! An interesting site..
Awarded from:Senshi Stones Shrine
Kakyuu's image Award
Awarded from:Angel Destiny
Originality Award, Presented to Cammy's Sailor Saturn Site
Awarded from:Sailor moon Universe
Fantastico Venus Love Chain Award to Cammy
Awarded from:Sailor Palace
The Sailor Saturn's Award of Silence
Awarded from:Para Para's Home
Saturn's Award of Silence
Awarded from:Sailor Picies Sailor Moon Picture Gallery
Eternal Saturn's Silence Award
These awards are awarded from:ChibiLand
Unique and Original Site Award-Awoken Destruction, Awarded by ChibiLand-Congratulations! Beauty Site Award! Awarded by ChibiJennifer's Chibiland Totally Kawaii and Cuteness Award!
These awards are awarded from:Super Coma dot Com
Award of Beauty Coolness Award Awesome Gallery Award Sailor Saturn's Silence Glaive Award
Awarded from:Eternal Pink
Saturn's WOW Award

Awards I have won:

Awarded from: Chibi Land-
Artwork= Hajimemashite-First Place in ChibiLand's 2001 fanart Contest

Quiz Awards:

I got A+ in ChibiLand's Hard Moonie Quiz Jamie's hard Quiz Award I got A+ on Sailormoon Heaven's quiz of moonie knowledge I passed the Sailor Senshi's SM Quiz Souls of Saturn-100%Quiz Award

Awarded from Site Reviewers:

Awarded from: Devoted To Reviews
Devoted to Reviews presents: Silver Award to Awoken Destruction Devoted to Reviews presents: Silver Aphrodite to Awoken Destruction Devoted to Reviews presents: Gold Cosmos to: Awoken Destruction Devoted to Reviews presents: Silver Gemini to: Awoken Destruction