Introduction: Who is Sailor Saturn?

Key terms

Senshi= soldier in Japanese, but the term "scouts" was used by the N.American dubbed version

Sailor Saturn (Tomoe Hotaru) is a character from the Japanese anime "Bishoujo Senshi Seera Muun" (Japanese title), also known as "Sailor Moon" by Naoko Takeuchi. This anime has a total of 200 episodes, in 5 seasons.
This anime is about a team of teen-aged girls known as the Sailor Senshi destined to defend the Earth from the evil villain's desires for destruction and conquer. The girls have special powers when they transform into the Sailor-suited pretty warriors of their own guardian planets. From the first season, the Sailor Senshi we are introduced to are : Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus.

Soon after the defeat of the Dark Moon Family(Season 2), a new enemy appears, known as the Death Busters, who are searching for pure heart crystals in people. A mysterious professor who creates ‘daimons’ (that do the actual attacking) leads these enemies. These creatures are delivered and instructed by a women wearing red- Kaolinite.

This is also the series where two powerful new Sailor Senshi appear- Sailor Uranus (true identity-Tenou Haruka) and Sailor Neptune (Kaiou Michiru) who seem to have their own mission- to find the three talismans located in pure heart crystals. These three talismans are supposed to form an item known as the Holy Grail, which will reveal their messiah, who has the power to save the world. Even though they are all Sailor Senshi, they do not work together with the Inner Senshi.

Chibiusa also returns from the future from the 30th century Crystal Tokyo as a Sailor Senshi in training, Sailor Chibimoon.
Soon, Sailor Uranus and Neptune discover that the talismans they were search for were actually inside their very own heart crystal all along. The enemy takes the talismans, but the day was saved as Sailor Pluto, the guardian of the time Gate, returns and retrieves the items and produces her own talisman- the Garnet Orb that sits on her Time Key, and the three talismans from the Holy Grail.

As Eudial (Kaolinite's replacement since she seemed to have died-but really, she becomes Professor Tomoe's assistant, known as Kaori) and Sailor Moon both charge to get the Holy Grail, Sailor Moon manages to fall and touch it first, and it changed her to Super Sailor Moon. At first, Outer Senshi thought Sailor Moon was the true messiah, but Sailor Moon’s super form didn’t last long and it changed back not long. This showed that she was not strong enough to hold the power, but the Outers said she could keep it until they found the True Messiah.

"Maybe there is someone close to you," she suggested, "who would be able to control the cup."
"Maybe there is," said the professor, "maybe there is..."
At the end of this episode (111),somewhere in a dark room, a girl breathed hard…