Mistress 9

Name: Mistress 9
Identity: Messiah of Silence, member of the Death Busters, servant of Master Pharaoh 90
Known Form: Tomoe Hotaru, The Messiah of Silence
Place of birth: An unnamed planet in the Tau Star System of the Milky Way Galaxy
Group affiliation: Death Busters
Base of operations: Mugen Gakuen, a prestigious private school located in the Higashi Shinagawa district of Shinagawa-ku in the city of Tokyo, Japan
First appearance: Episode 125
Mission: Summon Master pharaoh 90 with Holy Grail
Destroyed By: Sailor Saturn inside Hotaruís body I am the Messiah of Silence, Mistress 9!

During an explosion that occurred earlier in Professor Tomoe's Laboratory (see Hotaru's Past for more details), evil entity called Mistress 9 from the 'Death Busters' (the villains from the Super series) secretly possessed Hotaru's body without knowing she was actually reborn from the senshi of the star of destruction- Sailor Saturn. The change in dimension led Mistress 9 to become weak, and so she remain dormant inside Hotaruís body.

Mistress 9 is the Death Buster's Messiah of Silence who is said would have complete strong powers if she got hold of the Sacred Cup- The Holy Grail (the three talisman combined together). With this power, the Death Busters would be able to complete their mission on Earth: to get enough power to release Master Pharaoh 90, by helping him open a gateway large enough for him to get through, bringing the Earth down to ruins.

Hotaru, being possessed by Mistress 9 led her to have no friends at school and made her have to suffer a lot. This was from the regular seizure, when Mistress 9 took control over Hotaru's body; even Hotaru herself would not know what was happening. Only after her consciousness, she was left to face the results. Mistress 9's regular take over caused a great deal of damage, hurting both the daimons from the Death Busters, and people around Hotaru.

There were times where we see Hotaru sitting high up on a throne surrounded by dolls in a dark room, asking for pure heart crystals. It is believed that those are instances where Mistress 9 has taken over Hotaru's body.

In episode 125, Mistress 9's evil spirit reached out of Hotaru and into Chibiusa, stealing her Pure Heart Crystal and swallowed it. After this, she was finally strong enough to regain her powers to reawaken and she kills Kaolinite who actually caught Chibiusa; showing her there was no use for her anymore. This was the beginning to the last battle with the Death Busters.

Professor Tomoe and Mistress Nine stood in the Death Busters hideout beneath Mugen Academy. Before them a giant dome-shaped machine appeared to be full of galaxies. Tomoe said that once they placed the Sacred Cup (The Holy Grail) into the machine, Tausaikei rays would guide their great master, Pharaoh 90 into this world. Tomoe said the world would be destroyed and covered in Silence. "The Light age will end and the age of Darkness will begin!"

Mistress 9 sensed that the Sacred Cup was approaching. "They're making it easy by bringing it to us!" Mistress 9 frowned, "But I can't allow them into our nest, until we establish ourselves." Mistress 9 created a force-field of dark energy around the half-destroyed Mugen building.

As Mistress 9 took control of her body, the Outer Senshi were desperate to destroy her, even though it meant sacrificing Hotaru. During the battle,it was evident that Hotaru was still alive in Mistress 9's body and at times took control of her, leading Mistress 9 to go insane. Mistress 9 used this at her advantage and pretended to be Hotaru and lured Sailormoon in giving in the Holy Grail to her. At last, Mistress 9 having control of the Holy Grail got the power she desired, and even Sailormoon's 'Moon Cosmic Power' could not stop Pharaoh 90 from approaching Earth, and the Holy Grail broke into million pieces. In return, Pharaoh 90 also blasted back at Mistress 9. Eventually, Hotaru was able to regain control of her mind because of how much Chibiusa and her father meant to her. The Sailor Saturn symbol appeared and destroyed the Death Buster's Black star symbol on Mistress 9's forehead, and Mistress 9 was destroyed.

Note: In the Super Series, we do not know Mistress 9's existence until she finally awakens in episode 125. Before that episode,the Outer Senshi had always believed that Hotaru was the Senshi of Destruction, and had the spirit sleeping inside of her. Hotaruís dangerous existence made them desperate to destroy her. However, the surprise came when she swallowed Chibiusaís Pure Heart Crystal and she transformed into Mistress 9, instead of Sailor Saturn. They came to realise that Hotaru had turned into the Death Busterís Silence Messiah- Mistress 9.