General Information

Hotaru's Profile

Japanese Name:Tomoe Hotaru
Name Meaning: Firefly*
Blood type: AB
Height: 4'7" (approx.) in Season 3
Birthdate: 6 January**
Age: 12(Super series), but her age varies in Sailor Stars series and grows rapidly until she had finally reawakes
Astrology sign: Capricorn***
Favourite Colour : Purple
Favourite subject: World History
Least favourite subject: Physical Education
Dream: To become a Nurse
Strong Points: healing and injury treatment
Favourite food: Nihon Soba (Japanese noodles)
Least favourite food: milk****
Hobbies: Collecting lamps and dolls
Favourite gemstone: fluorite*****
Has trouble with: marathons, because of her weak body
First Appearance: The super series, at the end of episode 111
Lives with: with her father in a mansion in super series and with the Haruke, Michiru, and Setsuna in the Sailor Stars series while lookking after her.
Family: Her father Tomoe Souichi (Professor Tomoe) and her deceased mother Keiko (only known in the manga)

Sailor Saturn's Profile

Senshi Idenitity: Sailor Saturn- Silent Senshi of Destruction
Oher identities: The Goddess of Death, Messiah of Silence (proved to be Mistress 9), Soldier of Death and Rebirth, Senshi of Silence, Sacrificing Soldier.
Weapon: Silence Glaive (Silence Scythe, Glaive of Death, Scythe of the Goddess of Death, Messiah Galive) She uses this weapon to carry out her attacks.
First Appearance: third last episode of Season 3
1. Silent Wall- She raises her glaive and creates a force field to protect herself and others from danger. This defensive attack came really useful, and saved the senshi a few times in the episodes of Sailor Stars.

2. Silence Glaive Surprise- Sailor Saturn gathers power within her glaive and raise it above her head; then slam it down to the ground. After a few moment of silent, it creates a devastating blast; creating huge explosions. She only uses this attack once, against Queen Neherenia in the Stars Series, but Sailor Chibimoon stops her from completing the whole attack, saying that she doesnít want Hotaru to give her life up.

3. Death Reborn/Ribbon Revolution- (only in the manga) Sailor Saturn either points her glaive to her opponent or raises it and millions of millions of black ribbons appear from her glaive and entrap her opponent tearing him to pieces as well as the planet if she wants and even killing herself. It was said that it was one of her most powerful attack. We assume she uses this attack against Pharaoh 90 in the last battle of the Death Busters (but was not actually shown as Sailor Saturn jumped into Pharaoh 90's force field)!

In the Super Series, we only see Sailor Saturn in 1 episode, when she finally awakens in the third last episode- at the last battle of the Death Busters. Because of whom Sailor Saturn is, the forbidden soldier of silence and ruin that should never awaken, she is not seen much. Saturn is the soldier of death, silence, ruin, and melancholy, having the power that could destroy the world (however at the cost of her life). That was why the Outer Senshi were desperate to destroy her, because they thought if she had awoken, it would mean the end of the world.

Other additional facts

Japanese Voice Actress for Hotaru, Sailor Saturn and Mistress 9: Minaguchi Yuko
Transformation Sequence: Sailor Saturn's transforamtion sequence is never shown in the anime. This is probably because she does not appear that much in the series. In a playstation game, a short video clip of her transformation was made.


Most of the profile information were provided in the manga; some not being revealed in the anime, for example, Hotaru's favourite food or liking world history.

*Hotaru means Firefly. Like the names of the other Sailor Senshi, her surname is reflective of her guardian planet Saturn (Do-sei in Japanese where the "Do: character is the same character as 'To' in Tomoe. ) Fireflies, in a certain folk tradition, are souls of the dead. There is a popular song in Japan, "Hotaru no Hikari,"(Firefly's light) which is a song used usually in farewell. Perhaps the image of the firefly's light as farewell could be the inspiration for Hotaru's name, or the folk belief. As the senshi of silence, her appearance marks an ending to the present world. The firefly can be a symbol for spiritual illumination. In Japan, they are also a symbol for environmental conservation and they have a ghostly significance. In ancient days , they were thought to have medicinal qualities.

**Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and January is named after the Roman god Janus, who was the god of beginnings and endings.

*** Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn

****Milk- this also shows why Hotaru is small and frail. She doesn't drink a lot of milk which contains a lot calcium.

***** Fluorite can represent protection, intuition, and health. In Japanese the stone is called 'hotaruishi'